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your book is the only business card you'll ever need.

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

3 great reasons why you should write your book.

Reason 1

Imagine a scenario where you meet someone you want to work with and instead of giving them your card, you give them a copy of your book. Are they going to put it in the bin five minutes later?

Probably not. Feeling impressed, they are much more likely to leave it on their desk or kitchen counter where your name is staring at them, or put it on their shelf, where your name is still staring at them. And by now they know your name, whereas your business card might be long gone.

And when you give them your book and say, 'oh let me sign that for you,' how are they going to feel?

Flattered, most likely. Because that's how I feel when someone signs their book for me: it's always a thrill. And when I get home I announce it and show it off and put it on the coffee table. I feel proud. I've met the author, and that author wants to work with me!

So now your new business associate is feeling good because you wrote your book and they're curious to know more about you.

Reason 2

Which brings me to my second point, really. You're very unlikely to forget someone who's written a book and given you a signed copy.

Making yourself unforgettable is hard to do but important for your business. And whether you're a coach or creative artist, an expert or leader, writing a book can help you achieve this: it sets you apart.

And it doesn't matter if there are already millions of books in the world, because there are millions of people who love reading, and the world needs more good books. Writing your book will make you unforgettable and readers, happy. It's a win-win.

Reason 3

Finally, writing your book makes you an authority in your field. It doesn't matter whether you think you are, or not.

If you've written a book, you've put a stake in the ground and your associates, friends and family will think you're a pro. They'll brag about you (in a nice way), and that's good for you and your business. You can work on your impostor syndrome later, but don't let it stop you from writing your book.

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