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Talking About Myself Feels Weird

I'm in a business programme to help me build my new online book coaching business and now, as part of the process of bringing out something new in the Autumn, I have to tell people more about myself.

And I have to spread it far and wide, all across social media.

Which feels well and truly weird.

And it's nerve-wracking, too.

Maybe it's because of my age. I'm 49 and sharing personal stuff in public feels counter-intuitive: it flies in the face of the way I was brought up. I don't know about you, but talking about myself used to be called bragging, or showing off. And it was always followed with an abrupt, 'keep your voice down' from my Dad.

And why would anyone want to know what I like for breakfast anyway, never mind see a picture of me eating it! (Um. It's toast. With marmalade. And occasionally, I have Fruit n Fibre).

But there comes a time - at least once a week in my first year of online business - when I have to swallow my fear, hover my finger over the Return button, press really quickly and flee from my desk in total mortification with fingers crossed that nobody says anything mean to me, or worse, nobody sees or cares at all.

And now I'm avoiding the issue. Because I'm meant to be sharing stuff about myself and I'm wittering away instead...

So here goes, and no judgement please. Here are 10 things you don't know about me.

Oh, and I'm peppering them with Fun Facts (and still avoiding) because I'm a bit nerdy like that and it feels, well, less about me which dilutes the anguish a bit.

  1. I've flown a sea plane and a Cessna and did you know you have to PEDAL the plane to make it go along the ground?

  2. I'm an award-winning actress. Yep, it was a short film at the Granada Film Fest and when I got the call from the director, I didn't even know I'd been nominated. I was at home in my dressing gown, watching TV.

  3. My favourite colour is blush. And if you like interiors, it's a gorgeous neutral on walls.

  4. I hate boiled carrots. Ever since I was tiny. I had a teacher in primary school who made me eat them. She pushed them under my mashed potato and told me I wouldn't notice them. I felt angry that a) she thought I was stupid, I mean how would I NOT notice them? and b) she'd ruined my mashed potato.

  5. I love fun facts. And yes, I know I just said that before, but check this one out. Did you know the formation of the universe as we know it happened 13,800,000,000 years ago? But recorded history only goes back 5000 years? And guess how humans did that? With texts, in writing. (And I can't even conceptualize nearly 14 billion years, it just blows my mind...)

  6. I'm really lazy about getting my hair cut. I only get it done about twice a year and I think it's because I'm afraid of the hairdresser's creative urges: she got very carried away last week with the curling wand. But at least that's it until February.

  7. I get annoyed with littering and not recycling properly and how every little tiny food item is wrapped in REAMS of plastic. Which ends up in the ocean. Grrrr....

  8. My favourite beverages are tea, and G&T. Tea served with a tan, and Hendricks served with Fever Tree tonic in a fishbowl for a sense of occasion.

  9. I can touch type quickly. Learning to type was one of the most boring things I've ever done, but it's a skill I use every day.

  10. I speak Dutch (a less useful skill than typing, as I live in Ireland) I love dancing and I've taken all my grades in soprano singing. And I know that's three things, but I was on a sudden roll there.

Right, I've done THAT bit. Now comes the hard part where I have to actually share it...

*laughs nervously, grimaces, presses the return button and sprints into the kitchen*

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