I took the leap!

I’ve been on Cloud 9!

Until recently, I didn’t know if I could do it.

It was like the Universe was testing me, checking how badly I wanted to achieve it.

But after the world closed down, I pulled out all the stops and took the leap…

How exciting!

And HOW terrifying!

I’ve achieved a GOAL which means so much to me.

And it’s connected to MY WHY...

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always believed women can do anything they want if they really put their minds to it. I believe this because of the stories I heard.

My Great German Aunt became an opera singer, emigrated to Italy and joined La Scala.

My Irish Grandmother flew a plane under the Boyne Bridge in the 1930s (and was fined £1!)

My animal-loving Mother smuggled her dog onto a plane under her coat when she moved to England in the 1960s (he was a mutt but she loved him a LOT).

So I grew up believing in my heart and soul that I could do and be anything I wanted: if they could do it, I could do it too.

I’ve performed and produced in theatres around Europe, won a best actress award at an international film festival, and I’ve flown a plane across the beautiful Cliffs of Moher. Admittedly, I’ve only ever smuggled my dog into a hotel (twice) but I have founded an international writing festival and I manage two international writing prizes. I’m a published writer with a publishing imprint and I’ve organised offline courses to help aspiring writers to progress all the way to publication. But in March 2020, my world shrank like so many other people’s did. There was no more theatre, no more festivals, no more offline courses. So I decided to venture out completely on my own in a new direction, this time online. I started teaching and coaching writers around the world. I learnt tech I used to shy away from (I am normally a technophobic whinge-pants!) And I started writing a book to help writers which I’m now halfway through…

And it’s got me thinking...

I meet too many women from all over the world who think they can’t write their book.

They think they don’t have the skills.

They think they don’t have the time.

They think they don’t have the money.

And yet, we have examples of women who do it all despite not having the skills, not having the time, not having the money.

And I also hear the excuses..

‘I can’t write my book because I’m too busy’

‘I can’t write my book because I don’t have a place to write’

‘I can’t write my book because what if it’s no good?’

And yet, we have examples of women who do it despite being busy, not having a place and being worried they’re no good.

So what is holding all these women back? All these amazing, wise women who long to write their books but make excuses not to?

I’ve long believed it’s lack of self belief.

Despite it being 2020, we only have a fraction of aspiring women writers actually believing in themselves enough to stay the course and write their books.

I want to inspire and help more women to start their books, keep going and finish. I want more women to find their voices and feel proud and brave enough to let the world hear what they have to say.

And that’s why I’ve gone out there on my own, thinking big and taking action.

You can only inspire others when you take action yourself. I wanted to prove to myself and to you that women can do it when they put their minds to it.

Instead of using circumstances as an excuse, I’ve used them as motivation to take action.

And I’m here to inspire you to do the same.

Are you ready to take action?

Join my workshop on Thursday 12 November where I will share with you the 3 Secrets to Successfully Writing Your Book in the Next Year. You’ll also learn about the biggest mistakes new authors make and how to avoid them. Plus, you’ll discover how mindset has a direct impact on your success as a writer.

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  • Go at your writing with gusto and then get distracted

  • Want to share what you’ve learned to help others in their lives

  • Don’t want the stories you love, to be lost

  • Hear that pesky voice in your head saying, ‘you have no right.’ or ‘you can’t write’ but underneath feel ‘I do’ and ‘I can’

  • Want to avoid the pitfalls most new authors make

Join the 3 Secrets to Successfully Writing Your Book in the Next Year workshop

See you there!


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