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Do You Feel Inspired To Write A Book?

Then you should do it now.

Do you want to write your book? But do you worry it won't be good enough, or think you need to know more about publishing before you start? Or has a business mentor told you it's too early to write it yet?

If you're a creative soul and feel the seed of a book burning inside you, it means you have something to say. This desire is proof it already exists within. You just need to get started and get it out. The process will show you the way.

But why do it now?

Because you feel inspired now. You're ambitious to do it now. You can feel the burn now.

The word 'inspire' comes from the Latin 'inspirare', which means to breathe or blow into, which comes from the word 'spirare,' to breathe. So when you feel inspired, you're literally breathing in more life. Then when you act on it, you expand. You transcend and move out of your comfort zone.

Feeling inspired to write your book then, is a call to become bigger.

And by not writing it, you're actually staying small and postponing your own brilliance.

So stop putting it off.

And start your book now.

Anna Fox is a Book Coach who mentors female entrepreneurs with a passion for creativity to write the book that's burning inside them. She's running a FREE workshop 7 Reasons You Haven't Written Your Book Yet (and what to do to get started today) on 10th June at 7pm GMT. If you'd like to join the workshop, go here.

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