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Only 3% of ALL people who start a book, ever finish.
Because they don't get it right at the start.
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The only breakthrough 4-part course

for smart and savvy Female Coaches

that shows you the

right way to start your Self-Help book  


So you can attract more clients, help more people and scale your business even if you tell yourself you don't have enough time to write your book 

What's Been Stopping You From Writing Your Book? If you

  • Don’t know where to start

  • The order to go in

  • Don’t like what you’ve written

  • Can’t find the time (but know it’s an excuse!)

  • Have too many ideas and can’t decide on the subject or topic

  • Don’t know how to organise your thoughts

  • Can’t focus

Just KNOW You're Not Alone

You can do it in a time efficient, productive way
And you don't haven to rent a house in the country for 3 months!
You just need to be shown how.

Starting your book the right way is one of the hardest things to do.
But it's the most important thing to get right.
Because then you 

  • ​Finally know where to start

  • Get super clear on your topic so you feel excited and can't wait to write about it

  • Feel focused and aligned knowing you're saying exactly the right thing

  • Understand why time is not the reason you haven't written your book yet

  • Write in a way that you like and doesn't feel awkward when you read it

  • Attract Ideal Clients who want to work with you before you've even written a word

  • Lay the foundation and direction of your whole book so you know exactly where it's going and when it will end. 

It's easy to make excuses and put it off for another day...
  • How will I ever find the time to write it?

  • Who is going to want to read it anyway?

  • My grammar and spelling are rubbish!

  • I’m not ready yet, it’s not the right time

  • My writing sounds awful, it doesn’t sound like me

  • What if I get a bad review?

  • What if it’s a complete failure?

But what happens THEN?

Another year goes by.
And you STILL haven't written your book.
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Here’s the cold truth. 


You may NEVER feel ready or think you have the time.

And your spelling and grammar may NEVER improve…

But are you going to let these excuses stop you from doing the thing you love and want to do, which is to write your book, so you can scale your business?


Of COURSE not!

Imagine finally being able to add 'Author' to your Bio! Get used to it my lovely, because in this Programme you'll...

  • write a book using my proven Nonfiction Formula so you can plan, structure and write your book without wasting any time

  • discover what publishers really want so you can send out your book with confidence knowing you have fulfilled all their requirements (spoiler alert: this is usually not what you think!)

  • rapidly build authority in your niche and have a book as the ultimate business card


  • create a scalable product that you can sell, promote and use to get more speaking gigs or clients 

  • finish writing your book without having to take 3 months off work, even if you're a busy business-owner

  • feel the deep sense of accomplishment from achieving that once-in-a-lifetime goal of writing a book 

  • be able to call yourself a published author (even if that feels scary) and hold your book with your name on the cover in your hands.

  • have fun and create something amazing - your BOOK!

And that's exactly why I created
Author Academy for you!

''I can testify that you are building trust with your approach. You have created something very special.''

Geraldine O'Brien, Dublin

''Thank you for your time, I love your voice and passion in the videos!''

Cammy Harley

''Anna's erudite and positive advice are just the thing when you feel stuck! I feel lucky I discovered her.''

Deirdre Crowley, Cork

And guess what?

The way you think you should write a book, is not necessarily the way you SHOULD write a book. 

But when you follow a proven process, you're onto a winner. 

Then you know exactly how long it's going to take and what you have to do to get there.

And this is where my Nonfiction Formula works like a charm!

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Just imagine how incredible you'll feel when your book is published!

In Author Academy you get all the support and guidance you need to realise your DREAM!

You've tried it for years on your own but now you have someone to guide you.


Who understands how you feel.

Who knows what you have to do.

And how to get publisher ready...

 Introducing...Author Academy

The sure-fire way to take you from starting out to being ready to pitch your Nonfiction Book to a publisher in 12 weeks, with the unparalleled support and professional advice you need.

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Hello My Lovely, I'm Anna Fox!

I'm passionate about mentoring female entrepreneurs and coaches to master the art of writing a book so they can share their knowledge, skills and gifts with the world.


You don't need to hear my life story but I've edited and published, I've been hands-on as a writing course co-ordinator and I've mentored writers for years...

I founded a Writing Festival, worked as its Director, and I was Head Judge for two international Writing Competitions. And I kept seeing the same pattern repeat itself: determined, talented women working hard but struggling to write and finish their books.

I knew there had to be a better way. So I researched extensively and developed my amazing Nonfiction Formula. And now I help busy women like you to write a great Nonfiction Book. 

To be completely honest, if this is your first book you're not going to write it and get it on a shelf in 12 weeks. So I'm not going to promise you that! You have to plan your book in the way you plan your launches or your business, and follow a certain process.

This course simplifies that process and makes it fun. 

And by following it, you will be ready to pitch your nonfiction book to a publisher in 12 weeks.


And that IS a promise!

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Sonja Dorr, Dusselfdorf

'Anna, this is an amazing workshop. Thank you. This week's exercises have been a revelation and a motivation.'

Virginia Alexander, Florida

You are a very good instructor. To the point, with great information

I've put everything together in Author Academy.
This is what we're going to do.

Step 1: Build Your Book Foundation

Step 1 is the step that most people don't do because they don't even know it exists! But it's the most fundamental step to becoming a published author and we're going to nail it in Week 1. Getting your book right at the start really is key to getting all the way to the end.

Step 2: Create A Fabulous Cover

In Step 2 you discover how to write a book AND at the same time create an audience of raving fans who can't wait to read it. This step is all about uncovering what's on the cover... (see what I did there?) 

Step 3: Nail Structure & Style

This is where we build the interior of your book so that your voice and message is so clear, a publisher can 'read' it without having to read any chapters at all.  

Step 4: Unleash the Power of Story 

If you don't think you need to tell stories because you're writing nonfiction, think again. Because it's exactly what you need to do and it's how you write a page-turner. In this module you'll discover why and the formula for doing it. And you'll get lots of practice, too!

Step 5: Prepare for a Publisher

In the final step we edit sample chapters and put everything together so that a publisher wants to read and publish your book...ta-dahh! 

We'll work together using my amazing

Nonfiction Formula

This is a tried and tested system that's designed to nurture both you and your writing.

It's a specific structure that guides you through the book writing process in a methodical way and without overwhelm, while maximising your creative output. This way you not only get your book ready to send to a publisher but you also have an awesome and unforgettable experience.​

In the 12 Week Programme You'll Get 

  • 12 weeks of videos and worksheets for you to watch and work through when it suits you best 

  • Weekly 1 hour Group Coaching Call so you can ask questions and get live coaching

  • Weekly breakout rooms for peer group support and encouragement

  • Step by step guidance using my amazing Nonfiction Formula so you know where you are at every stage and never feel lost, stuck or overwhelmed

  • 24/7 Access to the Private Facebook Group so you always have support


  • Techniques & Tips for starting, maintaining and sustaining a writing habit so your style and voice get stronger and stronger


  • Suggested Reading, Useful Online Resources and Homework ​to expand and reinforce your knowledge and learning

You'll also get these 3 amazing bonuses to create an incredible support package especially for YOU!

  • 2 Bonus Reading and Writing Weeks so you can catch up, review and build your knowledge: Value €164 

  • 3 Months' Membership with Unlimited Access to the Writing Room, a daily implementation session of uninterrupted time where you actually sit down and write your chapters so you can achieve your writing goals: Value €141

  • Lifetime Access to ALL the course videos so you won't have to remember anything and you'll always know how to write a book! Value PRICELESS​​​

This Breakthrough Programme is open for 4 DAYS ONLY

 Value: €1302
You Pay: €997

'Having written with Anna for four months now, my creativity and energy levels have thrived. It's a precious moment to develop my storytelling, and has become an invaluable routine.''

Alex Catherwood

From the word go, you made it a safe place...the videos and exercises were brilliant.'

Mary McGuigan

''Thank you Anna brain-in-the-jar so bonkers happy love you thank you for making me make a writing space.''

Tina Noonan


  • What are the dates of the Programme?

13th December to 20th March. When you join, you'll get an email with details of what happens next and when. You get two bonus weeks over the holidays so you can use the time to catch up and read as well. The group is still there for you, it's just a little quieter. There are no coaching calls during the bonus weeks. 

  • What if I want to self publish?

This process is still the way to go: it sets you up perfectly for self-publishing. We'll get to the different publishing processes later so you know which one is right for you. 

  • I want to do the programme but don't know if I should be making the investment right now.


The answer depends on your 'why'. How much do you want this? What will it cost you not to do it? What if you're in the same position in a year's time? How will you feel then? If it matters a lot to you, then can you afford to put it off? 

  • I'm very time-stretched. How much time will you need to do the Programme?

The video and worksheets take 1-2 hours each. There's a 1 hour coaching call and 1 hour breakout room each week for 12 weeks. And the Writing Room is open 1 hour a day.

  • I'm worried about not being good enough at writing

Writing is a skill, and like any skill it can be taught. You just have to be willing to learn and practise. Your anxiety about not being good enough is usually a mindset, and with encouragement and positive feedback you will move away from that way of thinking and step into your own voice. Writing is subjective so it's not about 'good' or 'bad', rather it's about what's clear.

  • I want to do it but English is my 2nd language 

Your English does not have to be perfect! I currently have non-native speakers in the Programme. The Nonfiction Formula allows you to develop your book very coherently. I suggest English should be one of the languages you publish in anyway, but if you want to write the long form manuscript in your native language you will need a native speaking editor at a later stage. It is a normal part of the publishing process anyway. 

  • What if I want to write about people who are still alive? I'm worried about what they might say or causing a family rift or someone suing me.

There is a way to manage this concern through the way you write and express yourself, and we will deal with it if and when it comes up in the writing. For now, it's not something you should worry about because it's a reason you're giving yourself not to write. Do the writing first and we will deal with legal implications as and when they arise. However, this matter usually resolves itself through the writing process. 

  • I really want to write a book but I'm not sure this programme is right for me.

If you're interested but unsure, send me an email to and I will reply straight away. ​I am happy to answer any questions you may have and I will never recommend something I don't think is right for you. I'm every bit as committed to your success as you are and nobody wins if you're on the wrong programme.

  • Do I need to be on Facebook to do this programme?

No. All calls take place on Zoom. There is a lot of support in the FB group, but you don't have to be in there to take part. ​

  • I've written a good part of my book. How will this programme benefit me? Can't I just work with an agent, editor or publisher when it's finished?

Publishing has changed dramatically in the last 10 years, and many publishers no longer have the time or resources to nurture individual writers the way they used to or would like to. This is work you will do with your coach who will show you what you need to include in your Book Proposal. On your own you also have to get an agent/publisher. This is risky and takes time, and you might not want to take the risk or wait.

  • What is a Discovery Call and do I have to pay for it?

A Discovery Call is a 15 minute zoom call with me to discuss whether this programme is suitable for you. It is a free call, and you are not obliged to purchase anything before, during or after the call. 

Refund Policy: Please Read Carefully

Once you are enrolled in this programme, there is a 14 Day refund policy with no questions asked. And there are no exceptions to this rule.

Happy St Patrick's Day! (2).jpg

Final Note

It's November already! Oh my days! 

The end of the year is just around the corner...

Will you feel disappointed that you haven't started your book yet?


Or delighted because you've taken action and you're stepping into your dream, feeling confident and delighted in the knowledge that in 2022 you're going to become an author?

You can choose to do nothing and continue the same as now...

Or you can choose to take action and create a different future: it's in your hands.

Is it going to continue to be One Day or Day One? You decide.

The opportunity to write your book is here. The time to take action is now.

Because if not now, then when? 

There'll never be a perfect time. And you'll never feel you have enough time.

But with my help you can do it anyway. 

See you inside, my lovely!


and save €502!

12 Week Group Programme €997

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