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Anna Fox Storytellers

I'm Anna, founder and owner of Storytellers, and I help writers achieve their writing dreams.

I'm a writer with a background in acting and event management. I founded Storytellers out of a need to write with others, and a strong desire to learn more about the craft. I formed the first writing group from my daughter's class contact list and arranged a 7-week course for eight people, including me. Now, I have writers Zooming in daily from around Europe, pens in hand and eager to write. 

In the learning process at Storytellers, we have only ever practised positive feedback and reinforcement. This way, writers become aware of what is working for the reader in their writing, so that what isn't working starts to fall away. Feeling safe, they start to grow in confidence and begin to express themselves freely. They explore their own voices, they develop craft. 

And this is what we want. The world doesn't need duplicate voices, it needs your individual voice. Developing the skills and the bravery to just be you can be scary, so I am here to offer support with live classes and services, and a fantastic network of writers.


Feel free to drop me a line. I'd love to hear your story, and I look forward to welcoming you to the Storytellers community soon.

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