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Do you dream of being a writer? Is there a story, novel, poem or memoir you are yearning to tell? Are you looking for support on your journey as a writer, or looking for a way back to writing? Would you like to become a published writer?

Whatever your aim, Storytellers offers custom-made writing courses in small groups which take place in the literary-rich seaside town of Dalkey in Dublin. The friendly, experienced guidance and unwavering support of your facilitator will connect you to your creativity, encourage and embolden you as a writer and grow you in confidence and craft. And when you are ready to move forward to publishing, you will receive all the contacts and advice you need.

Learning the craft of writing, or writing a book, doesn’t happen overnight and life can often get in the way. That’s why the Storytellers courses are on-going and offer the flexibility of full or part-time options. This way, you get great value for money and choose a course to suit your lifestyle. Sticking at it is key to success, and this structure enables and encourages you to do that.

A number of our writers have gone on to enjoy publishing success. In 2017-2018, two Storytellers writers reached the final twelve of the Novel Fair at the Irish Writer's Centre, two others published memoirs, twenty writers were published for the first time in the first Storytellers paperback anthology, and seven writers established their own imprint and published a book of short stories in Crime Fiction. (See Books for more details.) 

The facilitators are Ferdia Mac Anna and Christine Ryan and the courses are run by Dalkey Creates Writing Festival Director   Anna Fox, who also supports and advises you. They are skilled, experienced industry professionals who work with positive feedback, so that the negative aspects of your writing start to fade away. They are kind, warm-hearted and extremely generous with their time. They want to help you fulfill your writing dream and to be the best writer you can be.

If you have a query or would like to discuss your writing needs, please call Anna on 087 2235124 or email anna@storytellers.ie